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Cool Spaces

So I’m only marginally cool…  I’m using dark grey instead of black for my text to match the margin text color.  I guess I just like to get my point across without causing too much eyestrain and headaches.  Don’t you hate sites or spaces that change the text color to be only three lumens different?  I mean can you read this without selecting it with your mouse?  Because if you do that, then you’re reading ultra-high contrast text on your selection background.  So if you want to get your point across, why not just use Word so you can catch the majority of your spelling mistakes and adjust the contrast of your text to be complimentary to your background.  Give us all a break instead of a headache!

  1. Maggie
    12/21/2005 at 3:08 pm

    LoL, so very true! (I had to select the text with my mouse)~Maggie

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