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MixED CaSeD mEssAgeS

Aw damn. I’ll admit it. I’m a hypocrite. I absolutely laugh at people that constantly use mIxEd CaSe TyPe and yet I did it myself!! CiCi ®. And I get mad when people don’t pay attention and spell her name Cici or cici or CC or whatever. So I guess I’ll go ahead and set another double standard and keep laughing at people’s sites that have mixed case type all over the place because it’s “so cool” (yet totally unreadable). So maybe that’s my point. I’m safe if I’ve just done it ONCE, AND the name is nationally registered ®. And I’ve only thrown in mixed case here to prove a point that too much of it is completely unReaDaBlE. And don’t get me started on the code. The people that put numbers in their names and get the font to go backwards are trying too hard to be cool. If you’re a legitimate hacker and have caused companies to spend millions of dollars to clean up your mess, then you’ve earned the right to put numbers in your name and be called Phr33kAz01D (although I don’t see hackers nationally registering THEIR names).

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  1. Diane
    02/23/2006 at 12:39 am

    parker, youre a dork.. but good point.. i hate when people do that too.. and i guess just as much as i hate people who do not capitalize their sentences properly.. <== me lol
    oh well.. i hate having to reach over to the shift key to capitalize.. whatever, it is legible right?
    i guess that is all that really matters! 🙂

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