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Let’s Hope The Mayans Were Like Programmers

So we all KNOW that computer programmers are just plain lazy.  “Oh, I’ll fix that later” is a common mantra.  Look at the Y2K problems.  Trying to save space for dates knowing full well that SOMEbody would have to fix it later.  That SOMEbody was certainly not THEM.  So the end of the world was coming at New Years of 2000.  Hmmmm.  Didn’t happen. Even now we’ve got dates in databases that will only last until 2037 because our computers aren’t big enough to handle a date since the beginning of time (AD).  “Oh, I’ll fix that later” or more to the point “I’ll be at a different job when THAT finally breaks.”  So let’s HOPE that the Mayans were like programmers and meant to fix their calendar BEFORE they were wiped out.  I mean c’mon, it’s ONLY a bunch of dates right?

And if you’re like me then you’ve already done some digging to find out what the calendar REALLY means and it just measures a cycle.  And cycles are rather nice because they just start over.  Just like a year or a day, you get another one right after the one you’re on cycles on by.

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