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I hate THIS font.

Yes.  The font you’re reading.  I HATE it.  I’m fine with the font used for editing this post.  The font I’m using right NOW is a nice serif font that looks like Times New Roman.  I like that.  It’s pleasing to read.  It looks like a book or a “real” article.  And it makes me feel like a “real” writer.  The other san serif fonts look like something you’d type up in Notepad.  Something temporary.  Like a GUID (goo-id) that you have to remember for a download so you paste it into Notepad and then save it to your desktop (or not).  And then your machine crashes during the initialization process and you had WISHED you had saved it.

See the font that’s used in the Mixed Case post?  THAT’S the font I want to use.  THOSE posts came over from the MSN Spaces and were converted straight over with the font preserved.  Maybe I have to upgrade my Word Press account in order to JUST change the font on these posts.

Why even HAVE that “Visual” tab up there if what I’m seeing NOW while I’m typing isn’t going to be exactly what’s posted?  If I were Word Press I’d change that label to “Approximate Visual”.  I even created the post below in Word.  Then saved it as HTML so I could paste it in exactly as I typed it in.  No such luck.

Unfortunately for now…  When I post this article, the font will change and it’ll look like crap.  Sorry about that.

I figured it out shortly after I posted this. Check out the LATEST article.
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