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I LIKE this font.

THIS font I like. See how it reads like book? Now doesn't that feel like
you're reading a legitimate article?

So here's what I did. I ended up editing one of the old articles that converted
from the MSN Spaces. I switched to the HTML view and took the various styles in
the tag and pasted it into notepad. I compressed each span tag into one
and saved it into my blog.html template file. I closed out that file from
notepad and dropped it into the Visual Studio 2010 that I was running at the
time. C'mon. WHO uses notepad to edit HTML anymore? Really? Sure, in a
pinch. But there are MUCH nicer editors out there. I'm not saying that VS
2010 is the BEST, but it's what I'm used to.

Technically I'm using Word as my editor right NOW. But I'll paste
this into Studio and look at the HTML Word generates, which is a whole lotta
crap and stuff that Word Press doesn't care about and will just confuse it. I
tried that already for the previous article and it just wouldn't do it for me.
So I'll use Word for that red squiggly spell checking that I'm used to, that's
about it. THEN paste it into Notepad to strip out all of the bloated HTML
that Word puts in.  Copy THAT from Notepad and paste it into Studio
to check out the HTML and make sure that WP doesn't throw up all over it and
convert my post to something that looks like crap versus what I'm seeing now in

So if the planets align correctly then you'll be seeing this post in Times
New Roman and slightly grey. See? THERE! So now I can get on with
converting a few of my game reviews out of Outlook and post them here.

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