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Crazy Driver Tile

Crazy Driver Tile

So I wanted to just get this app OUT there. Out to the Marketplace. Yeah, yeah. I started a sentence with SO. SO SUE me. Oh wait. No. DON’T do that. I really wanted that voice-to-text API in place before I published, but I knew that there would be some pain in submitting my application. And there WAS.

I got the main page laid out. I needed a settings page. And an “About” page.

In order to pass certification you need a way for people to contact you. That typically goes on the About page. I was going to use a pre-made About page DLL, but it didn’t really have the exact layout that I wanted so I created my own panoramic page and put everything in there.

I figured that I NEEDED a disclaimer page. I’ve already said it (in my previous post), texting while driving is STUPID. DON’T BE STUPID! That took some doing. Not the layout, but I needed to remove that page from the history so when you’re on the main page and you hit the back button you don’t go back to the disclaimer. THAT would be stupid too. So in the main page I added this to the Loaded event. I tried a TON of other stuff, but this is what worked the best.

// Remove the disclaimer page.
 if (((App)Application.Current).RootFrame.CanGoBack)
catch (Exception)
 // Eat this.

Finding the Twitter code was painful as well. I headed down the wrong path because I didn’t realize that Twitter CHANGED their API a while back. Uh Oh. That’s a BIG NO NO Twitter. But they’re so big that they just did it and HOPEFULLY it won’t change again. So I got all the old code laid in place and NOTHING worked, so I googled with bing some more. I finally found some REST code that worked. I didn’t KNOW it was going to work, but I thought I’d give it a shot. It uses the Hammock.WindowsPhone DLL and some other C# code.

Things STILL weren’t working, but I noticed that in the TwitterSettings.cs file I needed to setup some keys and you HAVE to head to, create and register your application, and THEN you can get some keys. Paste those keys into your settings and you’re good to go.

I wanted to TRY to make some money with this thing so I thought I’d put Microsoft’s Advertising control on the bottom. But you need KEYS for THAT to work too.

I tested the final release state on my phone. I had been doing this all along, but deploying the debug version. So now I ran a few smoke tests against my app just to make sure the Twitter registration was working. The disclaimer would display and then not get in your way when you wanted to exit the application. I added a few new default tweets and then deleted them. You probably saw those test tweets. Ok. Probably not. 😉

I was READY to submit my application! WOOO! Of course you can only submit your application if you’re a registered developer (but you already knew that, right?) That’s 100 bucks a year, but I got my registration for free through the “30 Days to Launch” campaign.

The first page of submission you’ve got to have ALL these other icon sizes. WHAT? Oh geez. So I brought up Pixlr and sized up the icons. They looked like crap, but I figured I’d change them later. You’ve got to answer a few questions about pricing and distribution. I selected FREE and worldwide. A few more questions and I was ready to submit.

It took a few days after submission to get a certification failure notification, because a few of the Asian countries would find my app offensive. Hmmm. Was it my disclaimer page? DON’T BE AN IDIOT! Or one of my system default tweets that has the word “damn” in it? So I removed quite a few countries. Submitted again. And the thing passed a few days later.

AWESOME!! My FIRST Windows Phone app. WOOO!!

Version 1.0 was out the door at the end of March. And I was already working on version 1.5. I figured I’d call it 1.5 because only half of the app would be “metroized”. The settings page got the metro look and a few other annoying things were taken out. The disclaimer only shows up every 10 times. The default tweet “Select default tweet…” which was actually just the first row of the default tweets was ALWAYS in the editable tweet section. So THAT got removed. As part of the “metroization” I created a modal text field which has bigger text and auto selects the entire field when it pops up. This way you can just start typing if you want to replace the default hash tags. I cleaned up some of the icons and made the horn bigger and the twitter bird smaller. Does that bird have a name? Hmmm. Since I could only find REALLY low resolution pictures of the car horn icon I created my own using Paths in Blend. So now I can scale that horn up and down at will. I’m still keeping that dashboard themed icon when pinned. I think it makes sense using that main dashboard metaphor anyway.

The submission of 1.5 was a hell of a lot easier. I knew it would be, because when I resubmitted 1.0 all I had to do was make changes to the submission and everything else stayed the same. For 1.5 I dropped in the new screen shots and icons. Loaded the new XAP file. Clicked NEXT on quite a few screens and the thing submitted and then passed certification a few days later. WOO!

Version 2.0? This still won’t have the voice-to-text in it, but the main page will be “metroized” and the default state will be using the geo-location services from Bing! Yes, you have to get yet ANOTHER application key.

So PLEASE stick with me and you’ll see the little engine that could grow into a full-fledged application.


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