What’s in a name?

I’ve gotten some feedback on the Crazy Driver application name.  My FIRST instinct was Idiot Driver.  I don’t know about YOU, but when I see somebody doing something stupid I say to myself “What an idiot”.  I didn’t think Microsoft would “allow” this name so I shelved it.   I should have gone with my gut.  I thought I’d try to go with a play on words “Tweet Tag”, but how many people use the slang Tag for a license plate?  I also did a search and found the site tweetag.com.  So the domain was already taken.  Stupid Driver?  Stoopid Driver? (Too close to Stoopid Monkey, the people that bring us Robot Chicken.)

I thought some more and looked on Twitter and found people using the hash tag #CrazyDriver.  I thought was pretty generic.  And went with it.  I did a cursory search and didn’t find anything with that name.  My Crazy Driver app is released at the end of March and lo and behold the Crazy Driver GAME is released at the end of APRIL!  WTF?  And NOW Microsoft sends out their copyright infringement letter.  Pretty coincidental, but I certainly DON’T want anybody infringing on MY copyrights so I don’t want to do it to them.

I’m thinking I want to go back to Idiot Driver.  I don’t see this app in any of the online stores.  I e-mail the Windows Phone Marketplace support about my dilemma and the guy replied “I don’t see why you couldn’t use that name.  I should pass.”  So I’m gonna do it.  All I have to do is change the APPLICATION_NAME constant in my app to “Idiot Driver” and then change those references in my submission.  Hopefully it’s as easy as that and the people would already downloaded the application will get their newly named application during the next update.

It’s not ALL about idiot drivers.  You might see some cool things and have something POSITIVE to tweet about.  By all means.  There’s a few positive system default tweets as examples.  Or create and save your OWN.  Play “Slug Bug” or “Out of State” or get help with license plates that you can’t decode.  Ok, so THIS one was EASY!



Thank you for you continued support.  The name may have to change again, but the app will keep getting better.  🙂

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