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X-Box 365

I’ll wait a year at least. I have sooo many other games on all the different systems that I have not played yet. I don’t mind waiting.  Plus, if I do wait then the price will be lower on the system, not to mention the software. And there will be more to choose from.  My friends will already have games that I can borrow.  Or I can buy used games for less than half the retail price. Lesson learned?  I don’t buy top of the line anymore, because it just becomes obsolete in a few months. If you wait you can have your money go farther and buy MORE games. MORE is better right?  The quality is still there.  It’s not like the game has changed any, a year after it’s been released.  So that’s it.  I haven’t even bought the first X-Box because it wasn’t really worth buying. Now (well NOT now) I can buy the 360 and play all my friend’s games or buy them used for like 5 bucks each.  People ask me why I’ve got all the systems and over 200 games…  That’s why. Smart shopper. 

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Evil Done Right

Resident Evil 4…  What can I say? They FINALLY got it right!  I mean c’mon. Since when does pushing the joystick up mean down? OK, so maybe when you’re flying. But since when does up mean left OR right on the screen? Unless you’re in some weird top-down racing mode in Kirby’s Air Ride. It’s just wrong.  The joystick is SUPPOSED to control your character relative to the CAMERA…  NOT the way you’re facing. I’m pretty sure I already said that it was wrong, but I wanted to say it again. Ever since Mario 64 where you’re immersed into a 3-D environment it has always been relative to the camera, so up moves you up screen and down moves you down. Period.  End of story.  So I’m going to try to rewire my brain just so I can play games like Onimusha, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil? No way.  I just won’t do it.  If I rewire my brain to play THOSE kinds of games then I’ll start to suck at games like Zelda and I certainly don’t want THAT to happen. So anyway.  My point.  Resident Evil 4 finally went with the over-the-shoulder-laser-sighting camera which is something I can deal with and will BUY once it hits the $20.00 price point. It’s taking a little longer since their ploy of the timed release of the PS2 version. So it’s still sitting around $30.00 or so.  But from what I’ve demo’d from a friends disc, this game totally rocks.

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Go Go Godzilla

So you start up the game and play a while…  You’re so engrossed at not getting pummeled by the other monsters that you don’t notice the tiny vehicles driving around underfoot.  I mean C’MON!  Does the day’s delivery REALLY need to get there TODAY!?  You’d think the programmers would build some sort of “flee” rule into these cars and yet they just keep on driving on their appointed rounds until they are crushed.  I’d like to see the monsters start at opposite ends when the round begins and have the city go into alert mode.  The cars would start “fleeing” the city and THEN the plains and helicopters come in to defend.  These cars would probably crash into themselves and swerve all over the place as the city goes into panic mode.  Just one of those “touches” that SHOULD be there, but was probably too hard to put into the game.


The game is still pretty good…  Worth the $7.99 rental at blockbuster, although I know I could have found it used at EBX for the same price. 


IGN review:

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A rhetorical question…  Will we ever be satisfied with the current video game technology? If we had said yes to this, then we’d all still be playing Pong and liking it.  Here’s to looking forward to the launch of the new systems…  Whichever one you’re waiting for.

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