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“You should blog more, you should blog more”… ALRIGHT ALREADY!!

I thought “The Grid” would launch and I could just drag and drop content into my account and a website would magically show up. They SAID they would open up some time in the spring. And YES, technically it’s STILL spring, but you wouldn’t know it with all this snow all over the place. I guess I’m “Founding Member 29143” which makes me feel kind of like a member of The Matrix or OASIS. I’m guessing they want MORE founding (funding) members before they launch. Their official statement was they effectively weren’t ready yet and wanted to wait. Reminds me of Pied Piper

So I had to roll up my sleeves and get to work. For those that don’t know me, I don’t wear long sleeves so I’m ALWAYS ready. I had been meaning to redo my website for a LONG time now, but it’s hard to find the time. FINALLY, it had to be done. I had gotten a Twitter Bootstrap link from William and it’s been in my InBox since June 26, 2014. I had briefly looked at their site. There is SO much there! It was just too hard to take in all at once so I bailed on it. I figured it would take TOO much time. Flash back to about a week ago, May 8th, 2015 and I finally bit the bullet. I fired up Microsoft’s Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 and started down the path…

I created a new project/solution and chose the MVC 5.0 with razor. Studio thought for a bit and then created all the templates. The templates ALREADY included support for Bootstrap! WOO HOO!! (Whenever you see a “WOO HOO”, think Homer Simpson when he finds donuts at work.) I hit F5 and the template site came up locally on my computer. WOO HOO!! When you’re trying to get a website up and running only a week before the Denver Comic Con you’ve GOT to go with the default. DE-FAULT! DE-FAULT! DE-FAULT! (again, think Homer Simpson).

I changed the About view. I changed the Contact view. I changed the Footer in _Layout.cshtml. I went through the nav-bar and changed a few things. And I was DONE! Ok, so I wasn’t ACTUALLY done. There was still quite a bit more to do so I turned to

I found a course by Mark Zamoyta on Pluralsight called Responsive Websites with Bootstrap 3 and it was a beginner level. SWEET! I figured it would be a walkthrough and is absolutely WAS. He walks you through all things “Responsive”: Patterns, Navigation, Images, Video, Scrolling, and Animation. I grabbed bits and pieces of his course and the example code to put into my MVC 5.0 site. His course was all done in an index.html page, but I was able translate what he did into my Index.cshtml view and _Layout.cshtml files. That brought the level up to intermediate by constantly doing that mental leap, but it wasn’t that difficult. The bummer deal for YOU is that if you don’t have a Pluralsight subscription then you’re SOL. Sorry.

I had to re-install Chrome for about the fourth time, because I really needed its developer tools (F12) for its phone and tablet emulation. This allowed me to see how things would look and perform on an iPad or iPhone. I’m really not a fan of Chrome because I’ve had WAY too much adware come through it and it’s a royal pain in the ass trying to get rid of it. So the best way is just to uninstall Chrome and then re-install it when you need it again. So we’ll see how long this lasts.

I was able to deploy last night to using the FTP option of Visual Studio. Of course it was not successful the first time. Or the second time. OR the third time. Or the FOURTH! I was getting some obscure security error and finally found a page on the GoDaddy site that told me what options to set and how to do it, but it was an outdated page so that option didn’t exist anymore. I needed to set the CAV PRIV to FULL since I was using MVC 5.0. How the hell do I do THAT? I called the GoDaddy support line. Lou was AWESOME! In about two minutes he figured it out and sent me a setting that I need to have in my web.config. I added that setting in the appropriate section, redeployed, and *POOF*… My site magically appeared. WOO HOO!!

I still have a LONG way to go before the con, but at least I have a new and improved site. I need to add quite a bit more content and find that sweet spot for image file size and dimensions so the pages load quicker. I’ve got to do more Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research since domain name no longer rules. Dwayne REALLY set me straight with the SEO and talked about Google Penguin versus Google Panda rules.

Just spot checking some SEO tips and tricks I’ve already done the #1 thing you can do. Convert to mobile. Twitter Bootstrap is “mobile first”. Tonight I’ll be making it FAST (that’s #4). And #3 is Google’s integration into Twitter data, so prepared to get annoyed if you’re a Facebook friend.

I’ll post the results in a few months.

Take care, and thanks for listening to my rant… Parker